Hi everyone, its Shane Pt4themind and welcome to our one-year support and encouragement group. Today we are going to talk about Conscious thinking.

Forgive the past move on and live in today. You cannot have a wonderful today if you are holding onto the misery of the past or even the good of the past or you are terrified of the future.

The people that talk about the good old days and how wonderful it was, and it isn’t good now remember you have created both realities. And if you created good days at one point in your life you can do it again even if today isn’t that good. Get a hold of your thinking, start to do conscious living.

Life is simple if we let it be, but we make it so complicated, but if we really understand that what we think is what we get, what you believe is what will show up in your life. What you are thinking is all changeable.

Do we live in a dungeon of limitation or do we live in a palace of possibilities? I like to feel that where I am is the totality of possibilities of all good. The universe is incredibly smarter than we are, it has the totality of possibilities to supply us with everything we desire, as long as we can believe that we deserve it. When we change our thinking, we change our lives because we drop our limitations.

Limitations are what it’s all about and we all have that place within us where we can do things we did not know we can do, but we have to give ourselves a chance.

I like to think of our thoughts as a drop of water, one thought does not mean very much, but I am told we think about 60 thousand thoughts a day and unfortunately most of them are the thoughts of yesterday and the day before and the day before.

If you think of these thoughts dropping at 60 thousand a day pretty soon you can have a little puddle, a small pond, a lake, almost an ocean and if our thinking is negative we can drown in a sea of negativity or we can float on the ocean of life, it is up to us totally.

Once you see what you believe, you will know the things that support you that are very good and powerful for you, you will also see the things that are undermining you, the beliefs that are keeping you from having what you say you want. Some many of us live in the limitations of our past consciousness the limitations of our parents etc.

We want to call our power back as long as we are in the bondage of the past, we cannot make changes in the future. Loving yourself is the most powerful thing you can do, and everything flows from love. I am not talking about vanity I am talking about respecting this magnificent being that we are.

Everything you think and speak goes out into the universe and goes out multiplied. The universe is listening to everything you think and everything you say and creates it for you.

There is a law of thinking and we are beginning to learn about it, and it is like a computer. If you have a gorgeous computer in front of you and don’t know what to do with it is a piece of junk. But if you learn the language of the computer miracles happen and that is what the law of thinking is.

When you learn how it works miracles happen. What you think and what you believe is what will come true for you. Your thoughts create your life it’s that simple and when we get that we can make enormous changes.